The shelter programme provided by the UNHCR or other NGOs is like any other service provided for the refugees free of charge. You should make sure you understand the terms of any shelter you may receive, and contact the humanitarian organization in case of facing any trouble.

Due to the large numbers of refugees and mainly Syrian, current capacity is very limited, and only few families found to be most in need will receive “a place to stay” from organizations, other families will receive different types of support once they find a place to stay on their own.


Collective Shelter Units

Collective Shelters are existing buildings provided by the UNHCR and used as temporary living accommodations for hosting displaced populations. They include schools, hotels, community centers, hospitals, factories, religious buildings, police posts and even military barracks. These Buildings have mostly been constructed prior to displacement and are not designed for accommodation. Additional infrastructure and rehabilitation may be needed to make them suitable as a Collective Shelter.


Small Shelter Units

Small Shelter Units are privately owned, empty houses under interrupted construction. By adding some basic elements (doors, windows, plumbing, electricity…) these houses can accommodate a smaller amount of families depend on the size and can therefore be seen as a small Collective Shelter.

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