All the necessary information on how to obtain a permit to work on Lebanese soil.

Work Permit

Syrians can work in several sectors in Lebanon if they have the specific work permit.

The sectors they can work in are: Agriculture, Cleaning, Common Worker, Construction sector and its derivatives, Salesperson/Commercial representative, Marketing representative, Tailor, Mechanic & Maintenance, Blacksmithing and upholstery, warehouse – keeper, Guard.

Syrians can obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor after following a specific procedure. Syrians can apply for a work permit from inside Lebanon.


Work permit cost:

Syrian do not need to pay a deposit.The fees are lower than the fees other foreigners have to pay.


Required documents:

  1. Employment contract certified form public notary
  2. Copy of re-entry and exit permit
  3. Certificate from the Syrian Embassy
  4. Copy of ID or passport;
  5. Copy of ID of Company Owner
  6. Employment registry record
  7. National Social Security Fund (NSSF) registry record
  8. 2 photos


You can also approach Community and Livelihoods Centers for they can provide job placement services. Local and international organizations can also provide short-term income generating opportunities throughout the country. These opportunities are made public in the local community. Ask your municipality if they are aware of any such program currently ongoing in your municipality.