Marriage at the Sharia Court


Marriage registration procedure at the Sharia court

How to register your marriage

  1. Go to the Sharia court where you or your partner reside
  2. The Personal Status Register in the Caza where you or your partner reside
  3. The GDPS in the Governorate



  • Register your children
  • Get your official documents
  • Inheritance procedure
  • Handle your children’s official papers and documents
I- Marriage certificate procedure and registration
  1. Fill the form at the Mukhtar (Ikrar Ouzoubi’ya)
  2. Both of you should provide an extract from individual Personal Status Register (shouldn’t be more than 3 months old)
  3. Present the form and the extract from the personal register at the Sharia court registry where your place of residence of either one of you is situated
  4.  Get a medical examination
  5. Present your marriage application at the court to be assigned a marriage official (Maz’un)
  6. Pay for two vouchers at the court’s fund
  7. Go to the Sharia court with the marriage official (Ma’zoun) assigned by the court and two adult male witnesses.
  8. After obtaining  the marriage contract, head to the Mukhtar again to get a marriage record
  9. The Mukhthar will document the record based on the marriage contract, then you have to authenticate the same record in front of the judge that allowed the marriage, then head back to the Mukhtar to authenticate it and refer it to the Personal Status Register (Dawaer Nufus).

Documents required by the court:

-  Two individual Personal Status Register

-  Laboratory tests

- The medical report

Sharia court charges:

The Personal Status Register at the Caza

  1. Register the marriage record in a special record in the Caza’s personal status register during the one month period that follows the marriage and gives it a number and the personal status commissioner will authenticate it.
  2. The personal status commissioner will give you an authenticated copy for you to register in the GDPS in the governorate.

The required documents for the GDPS in the Caza

The marriage record authenticated by the court and the Mukhtar, and the identity papers that were used for the marriage
Cost: No cost

The GDPS – The Foreigners in the Governorate

  1. Register your marriage in the GDPS office in the Caza-
  2. In Baabda, if you live in Mount-Lebanon
  3. In Beirut (Ministry of Internal Affairs) if you live in Beirut Governorate

The required documents for the GDPS

Cost: No cost.

The marriage record, extract of individual personal status register, the identification papers used for the marriage papers.

IMPORTANT: If you’re married and under 18, we advise you to call 76020061 to benefit from legal aid about the marriage registration procedure.

II- Proof of marriage at the Sharia court


IMPORTANCE: Registering your marriage is essential to be able to advance with your children’s birth registration later on.

  1. If you’re waiting for your firstborn before registering the marriage in the Sharia court
  2. If you had a child before registering your marriage in the Sharia court
  3. If you were married in Syria and you registered your marriage in the Sharia court in Syria, but you lost all documentation proving the marriage

You can get legal aid by calling 76020061 every day from 9am till 6pm

Don’t postpone getting the necessary legal aid till the date of your residence renewal.

You must register your marriage at the date of it actual occurrence.

Required Documents:

  1. Extract from individual Personal Status Register (Ikhraj Qaid  Fardi) or IDs of the couple.
  2. Medical report proving pregnancy from the ministry of foreign affairs.

Cost (to pay for the Sharia court):

Between 60 000 LBP and 150 000 LBP.

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