Marriage in Lebanon

Marriage registration procedure and fees for Lebanese citizens

Marriage Registration for Lebanese

Attached documents and places completed

1- Marriage certificate of the couple, signed by two witnesses and certified by the religious authority, (the Islamic court for Muslims or the Diocese for Christians) and the signature of the Mukhtar of the area where the marriage was officiated

2- The individual personal status register of each of the spouses in the event the wife documents belonged to a different personal status register.


For the registration of civil marriage in Lebanon must first go to the Lebanese embassy or consulate in the country where they were married. The documents are transferred to the Foreign Ministry in Lebanon and then to the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and then to the Personal Status Register concerned with the marriage registration.

The marriage of a Lebanese to a foreigner requires the approval of the General Security Department.


The required documents:

- Court or marriage certificate issued by the spiritual reference.

- Family Status Register of the couple

- Individual personal status register of the couple

- Document proving marital status of the wife

- Establish the legitimate stay of the wife if she is on Lebanese territory

- The wife’s new individual personal status register

- Photocopies of all documents

- Stamp 1000 LL (2)

Attendance is compulsory (a mandate for the absentee)

Present the General Security Department approval when you register the marriage at the Personal Status Register department.

Lebanese women who marry a foreigner remain Lebanese until they request to the corresponding write-off of the census records to gain the husband’s nationality.



- The documents are forwarded from the personal status officer of the area where the marriage took place to the personal status officer of the wife’s personal register then to the officer at husband’s personal status register for implementation.

- In the event the husband and wife have the same personal status register, the documents are first sent to the personal status register officer where the marriage took place then to the officer at husband’s personal status register for implementation.


Stamp 1000 LL (4)

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