Legal Assistance


In case you have any claim, you are facing detention or you are having problems with your legal documents, you can contact the IRC legal team. They can help you, provide advice and guide you through the necessary procedures. All your questions and concerns will be answered free of charge, call us on 76-020061.

List of contacts for protection and legal counseling and assistance:







Association Justice et Miséricorde (AJEM)

Antélias, Centre Aramta 5th Floor Tel.:01-901560/70 AJEM Reception Centre Facing the central prison, Roumieh Tel. : 01-901570


Beirut- Mount Lebanon


Caritas Lebanon Migrants Centre (CLMC)

Sin El Fil (legal counselling) Charles Helou Blvd - Takla Centre - P.O. Box 40061 Tel. 01-502550/551 Hotline: 03-310471 Leilaki St. facing the Lebanese University- Al Rawda Nursery- 1 st floor Tel. 01-466470 Hotline: 70-157789 BourjHammoud Community Centre Tel. 01-254103 Dekwaneh Next to CharcutierAoun Tel. 01-681942 Rmeileh Community Centre Tel. 70-251290 / 01-990496


Beirut- Mount Lebanon


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Legal information and counselling Tel. 76-666950 Information and counselling on access to services: Tel. 76-777236




Committee of the

Red Cross (ICRC)

ICRC Delegation Beirut

Beirut Hamra, Sadat Street

Mansour Building

Tel. 01-739297/8/9; Mon – Fri 7:30 – 16:30


Beirut- Mount Lebanon



UNHCR Beirut

Ramlet El-Baida, Dr. Philippe Hitti St. behind

Spinney's Supermarket


Mount Lebanon

Caritas Lebanon Migrants Centre (CLMC)

Legal information and counselling Tel. 76-666950 Information and counselling on access to services: Tel. 76-777236


Mount Lebanon

Terre des Hommes Italy (TdH)

Jbeil, Jbeil Tel. 71-360077


Kesserwan, Hrajel Tel. 71-359777


Mten, Mrouj Tel.71-579595


Baabda, Rowaiset el-Ballout Tel.71-360096


Aley, Baysour Tel. 71-577386 Chouf, Barouk Tel. 71-579696



Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Koura Community Centre Tel. 06-415086


Tripoli (Legal counselling ) Azmi Street, above top café Tel. 06-437357 Tel. 71-656794


Wadi Khaled (Akkar) House of FayekChehade, the old centre of Al TafawwokwalSaada, Awwada village Tel. 78-801313


 El MiniehBhannin road, the old medical centre of Bhannin, El Minieh Tel. 76-700525



Caritas Lebanon

Migrants Centre


North: Koura

Community Centre

Tel. 06-415086




Committee of the

Red Cross (ICRC)

ICRC Tripoli

facing Mazloum Hospital

al Wali Building, 1st Floor

Tel. 06-412407; Mon – Fri 7:30 – 16:30



International Relief &

Development (IRD)


Bou-Khalil centre, 2nd floor, Bahsas

Tel. 06-411300/304/305 Ext:131



Fakhoury building 1st floor, main road

Tel. 76-591029




UNHCR Tripoli

next to RachidKarame Exhibition Centre


UNHCR Akkar John Abdo Building (in front

of Municipality): Monday, Wednesday and

Thursday from 09:00 to 11:30


Protection Hotline

Tel. 76-421605 (Tuesday and Friday 12:30-




Caritas Lebanon Migrants Centre (CLMC)

Ghazieh, Saida facing Hassanein Company Tel.: 07-739607



Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Tyre Al Zaazii Street, Al Bazouriyeh village, Tyre Tel. 70-951978


Nabatieh Tel.70-888265


Bent Jbeil Tel. 78-885883



Social Humanitarian Economical Intervention for Local Development (SHEILD)

TyreTyre City, parallel to Abo Dib street Salim Diab bldg. 1st floor Tel. 07-350924


Tebnin, BintJbeil, Jammal Trust Bank street. Tel. 07-325537




Committee of the

Red Cross (ICRC)


Khawaja Residence, 1st Floor

facing Tyre ruins&Jaafarieh school,

Tel. 07-349711/912; Mon – Fri 7:30 – 16:30




UNHCR South Lebanon

Tyre, Villa Krischt, Al Hosh



Caritas Lebanon Migrants Centre (CLMC)

Baalbeck Rue principale Hotline: 70-828849 Taalabeya Rue Al bayader Hotline: 03-537371

Fekha Hotline: 79-115334


Zahleh (Legal counselling) Zahleh square, next to General Security Office Tel. 08-805123



Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Aarsal Tel. 76-171402



Near hotel “La Memoire”, Baalbeck Tel. 76-897789


North Bekaa Tel. 76-000613


Saadnayel The old municipality building, Saadnayel Tel. 78-801201


Central Bekaa: 76-000614


West Bekaa Tel. 76-898121




UNHCR Bekaa, Zahle

Zahle Highway, facing Aysar Ata ice cream

(Zahle)Tel. 08-930468

Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm

**Phone Appointments only

UNHCR Zahle Protection hotline

Tel. 76-611811 (Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00)



As for Palestine refugeesfrom Syria in allLebanon you can contact UNRWA on the following numbers:

UNRWA Lebanon Field Office

Beirut Bir Hassan

Tel. 01-840490

Hotline number: 76-882226


Carole Mansour (legal aid coordinator)

Tel. 76-683646 Tel.76-882226


North Lebanon:

Miri Nasser

Tel. 71-245551


Hiba Al Ghoul

Tel. 70-962221


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