Child of a Lebanese Father- Abroad

Source: "Birth Registration Procedures in Lebanon" (2014) a manual prepared by Frontiers Ruwad Association in patnership with the UNHCR and funded by the European Union,  .


If Birth Occurs Abroad


The parents’ marriage should be registered in Lebanon or abroad.

Required Documents:

To organize the birth certificate:

  1. Birth attestation issued by the hospital or the doctor or midwife who assisted the birth.
  2. Birth Certificate form available at the nearest Lebanese consulate or mission.

To declare and execute the birth registration:


  1. Birth certificate issued and authenticated in accordance with the procedures of the country of birth and translate it by sworn translation into Arabic if it is in a foreign language.
  2.  Copy of the marriage certificate executed in Lebanon in the application.
  3. Copy of extract of family civil status record.
  4. Copy of each of the parents’ passports or any document proving Lebanese citizenship or registration in Lebanon.

Procedures and Steps:

  1. Obtain, authenticate, and translate certificate in accordance with the procedures of the country of birth.
  2. Apply for birth registration in the Lebanese mission abroad (embassy, consulate general, honorary consulate).
  3. In the absence of a Lebanese mission in the country of birth, apply to register in the nearest mission to the country of residence or where the birth took place.
  4. Send the dossier to the Lebanese embassy or consulate abroad through registered mail.
  5. Once it receives the application, the Lebanese mission refers it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Lebanon, to be delivered to the competent authorities. The application is given an incoming number, which should be kept for future reference, particularly if you need to follow up on the matter.
  6. The ministry refers the application to the Personal Status Department in the DGPS, which refers it, in turn, to the father’s personal status register.
  7. Once finalized by the Personal Status Department, the dossier is returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants to inform the concerned parties.



There are some situations where the conditions cannot be met or where some of the required documents to register a child are missing. Below are additional requirements for some of the typical situations:


Administrative registration stages of births to a Lebanese father occurring outside Lebanon: