Birth Registration

Source: "Birth Registration Procedures in Lebanon" (2014) a manual prepared by Frontiers Ruwad Association in patnership with the UNHCR and funded by the European Union, .



All the information you need on the importance of birth registration, the cost and the procedure to follow.


I- Effects of Non-Registration of Birth

If you fail to register your child, your nationality or legal status will not be passed on to your child and he/she will become stateless.

Failing to register a birth has several impacts on the child and he will become stateless.


  • No ID card
  • Deprived of basic fundamental rights (education, health, jobs,..)
  • Unable to register marriage
  • Unable to register own children (they will also become MAQ)

QAD residency permit

  • Unable to obtain a QAD card for the child and all the privileges it offers.

Palestinian refugee

  • Unable to obtain a Palestinian refugee ID card
  • No permanent residency in Lebanon
  • Unable to register his marriage at the Directorate of Refugee Affairs in the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and several rights enjoyed by others.


II- Birth Registration Deadline


Within 30 days of birth


To the Civil Status Officer at the civil status division at the DGPS at the place of birth


The birth will be noted in the incoming register at the Civil Status Division and it will get an incoming number. In this event, even if the documents are not complete at this stage, the deadline for administrative registration would be suspended indefinitely and registration would become possible once the documents are completed.


There is no delay for registered Palestinian refugees and births abroad of Lebanese parents and registered Palestinian refugees and QAD who hold habitual residency in Lebanon and possess civil status records.


Late registration within the first year requires paying a fine.

Later registration requires a court decision by filing a voluntary lawsuit before the single chamber civil judge looking into the matters of personal status to obtain a judicial decision to execute the registration. The lawsuit can be filed by the parents or guardian in the event the child in question is a minor or by the concerned party after reaching age of majority.


Delay between the date of marriage and the date of birth:

Required Period

180 days (6months) between the date of marriageanddateofbirth.


The newborn would be considered illegitimate and suspicions would arise concerning the parenthood of the father

Consequences of not meeting the legal period between marriage and legitimate birth

The outcome differs according to religious confession:

  • Christians: the relevant religious courts could be soughtto review the child’s lineage and obtain registration ofthechildas legitimate.
  • Muslims:the legitimization of the lineage of a child is prohibited if he was born in less than180 days after marriage;thus,the child would be considered   illegitimate.
  • Civil marriage outside Lebanon: the birth certificate must be accompanied with the article of the laws anctioning the legitimization of births according to the law under which the marriage was conducted.


III -Cost 

1- Cost of Birth Registration incurrent in Lebanon

Even though no specific cost is set by the law for the declaration and registration of birth, in practice, preparing and authenticating a birth certificate at the Mukhtar’s could entail additional costs in some cases, which could reach LL100,000, based on his discretion. Additionally, birth declarations prepared and executed by the Civil Status Officer are subject to some fees:

The Law on Documenting Personal Status only mentions a penalty in the case of failing to declare births at the Civil Status Officer within 30 days of the birth. The fine is currently in the form of a LL1,000 stamp affixed to the certificate.


2-Cost of Births Occurring Outside Lebanon

The Cost varies according to the Lebanese consulate in the place of residency, but is no less than the $15 set by the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, which set a minimum limit for consular fees, without specifying the fees or setting upper limits. Transactions at the Foreign Ministry in Lebanon are free of charge.


Additional fees are incurred on requests for copies of certificates and their authentication.


3-Cost of Registering Births of Palestinians Registered in Lebanon through LibanPost

LibanPost offers an exclusive service for Palestinians registered in Lebanon allowing them to register births through their offices for the following costs:


The amount of LL2,000 per each local birth certificate for each additional child of the same applicant family, paid through the post or postal stamps (only Palestinians registered in Lebanon could present more than one birth certificate for more than one child in a single application).


4- Cost of Late Registration through the Courts:

The cost varies and depends on several factors, including:


Below is a model of what the costs might be. However, they are neither official nor final but merely an example to illustrate how the costs are distributed.

Lawyer fees,if lawyer is assigned.


Authenticating the power of attorney at the Bar association, if lawyer is assigned.


Lawsuit fee


Notification of lawsuit


Notification of preliminary rulings(at least 2)


Ruling fee and stamps(atleast2)


Notification of General Security’s decision


Notification of court session


Witness transportation fees


Unseen costs


Lineage ruling


DNA tests (for two persons)


Court clerk transportation to lab, based on judge’s



Medical examiner


Final ruling fee


Notification of ruling to all sides


Second authentication of power of attorney for execution, in the event a lawyer is hired


Execution request application fee


Execution notification fee



Born Abroad

The rules and procedures for administrative birth registration if the child is born abroad to a Lebanese father.



Born in Lebanon

The rules and procedures for administrative birth registration if the child was born in Lebanon to a father with a QAD Residency permit.


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The rules and procedures for administrative Birth Registration of a Child Whose Father is a Foreign National.

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