Food and Non-food items


UNHCR provides refugees with food and basic products so they can manage at some point.


UNHCR provides this card to refugees who are in utmost need for cash assistance in order to pay their rent or any other fees they might have.

The card contain 100$ value of money, the refugee can receive in cash and not in items.


Food Vouchers

UNHCR provides food assistance for six months to an initial caseload of 30,000, increasing to 120,000 Syrian refugees located in the North and the Bekaa Valley. 

These food vouchers provide a refugee with 12$ worth food.
Other NGO's

Many NGOs who give products to the needed families as a priority such as blankets, hygiene kits and other things they might need. Some NGOs help refugees by giving them cash assistance or even food products other than the UCAP or the food vouchers.

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